Open Government – Don’t COW-nt on it – With UPDATE

March 30, 2006

What is Woodside Staff trying to hide??? Why do we get the impression COWS are getting ramrod-ed here??? We have herd accounts of some COWS who couldn’t get to the ASRB meeting earlier this week and who were nervous because they had herd it was a dreadful scary meet’n. We thought it would be neighborly to get the tape of the meeting from the Town to set down what was said so COWs would be informed. But, lo and behold, when we went to pick it up, they told us we had to wait ten days. When we asked around no one has ever heard of having to wait for a tape that normally takes Town staff 10 minutes to copy.

This seems like a clear case of the Town trying to prevent COWs from knowing what is going on so that this fence ordinance can be changed without too many people hearing about it and voicing their opinions. Shame on them.

Update: Fortunately, after this post first appeared, so did the tape. Someone at Town Hall thought better of it and we received the tape with only a day delay.

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