Who Just Mooed? Rewind the tape again please.

March 27, 2007

We’ve finally rounded up the transcript (its posted below) of the discussion of web casting from the March 13 Council meeting. Unfortunately since we need to request an audio tape, pick it up when it is ready and then have it transcribed we cannot get it on-line very quickly. Even with our ears perked, it was still very difficult to determine which councilmember was speaking. We eliminated speakers’ names and addresses since, although we listened very carefully, there can be errors in transcription. Web casting would allow everyone to easily watch and listen to public meetings for themselves at their own convenience.

We are pleased as cheese that there was a public discussion on web casting. One of the goals of COW is to foster public debate and participation. Nine residents stood up and spoke, some for and some against web casting. An active involved community embraces differences of opinion. We certainly do. Even a foal can see that anyone can post his or her opinion on our site whether they agree with us or not.

A number of speakers suggested that alternative technologies be considered. These ranged from cable to DVDs. We support anything that opens government up, sheds light on the governmental process, and makes it easier for COWs to be more informed and included. If you haven’t looked at streaming video as provided by other towns.

Take a look:



It makes government available to residents at a convenient time. We think everyone, not just a few, should be part of the process that controls our pasture.

Unfortunately, the motion was “What I would like Susan to do is just look at this issue and compare it to the rest of the work plan. You know. Other things she has to do. Come up with a recommendation of where it might fall in her priority list and what she thinks the next steps might be so we can see how we need to proceed.”

We are afraid that Susan may understand this to be a polite way of sending the issue to the COW patty pile. We hope the Council will welcome sunshine in the pasture.

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