Google And Citizens Of Woodside

October 25, 2005

We googled Citizens of Woodside and were surprised that the first reference is to an unknown movie entitled Deranged. The reviewer states “It’s creepy to see that the citizens of Woodside are seemingly blind to something so obviously wrong in front of their eyes… and it would be equally disturbing
if we were to find out that they did suspect something wasn’t right, but that they didn’t want to get deeply involved.” (Link to site) We wonder if the screenwriter has some connection to our town.

What’s even creepier is that the second link is to an Almanac article that says “Woodside mayor Pete Sinclair apologized to the citizens of Woodside” (

It seems that Google doesn’t have a very good view of our town! We hope that our site gets added soon so that it raises the level of discourse about Woodside.

There have been 30,000 hits to this site. We urge our readers, whether they agree with us or not, to add their comments. Our goal is to make sure that COW’s don’t wear blinders, that community concerns are identified and hopefully solutions proposed by our readers.

We all want Woodside to be the best it can be. How do we get there?

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