Cow Tipping

October 18, 2005

Cow tipping is a pastime, said to be common in some areas, in which participants sneak up on an upright sleeping cow and then push it over for amusement. Some think Cow Tipping is an urban myth (see but we are not so sure.

We hear that some of the herd who have gone to the Town for construction approvals are getting branded more than their fellow COWs. And some rogue bulls have not been branded at all. We have herd tails from various COW’s that:

· They were told they needed to go to Architectural and Site Review Board (ASRB) with fences, gates, or even a fountain although staff has the authority to approve these improvements. See Municipal Code section 153.221

· They were told they needed to go to Planning Commission for grading in excess of 1500 cubic yards because staff was counting work done for foundations although review of such excavation is specifically not required. See Municipal Code section 151.20 (B) (1)

· They were told they needed a site development permit for utility trenches, back fill, tree removal, swimming pool excavations and foundation work although the Municipal Code specifically exempts these activities from requiring a permit. See definitions Municipal Code Section 151.20 (B) (1) (2)

· They were told they needed building permits for decking, paving or landscape walls and the like when the Building Code does not require permits for such work. See California Building Code section 106.2

· They were charged building permit fees at a higher price than specified in the Town fee schedule.

· On the other hoof, we have been told that some people have been allowed to put up retaining walls without a building permit and driveways without a site development permit, which are supposed to be required.

These rumblings have made us curious COWs and we hope you will share your tails with us. We have the impression that there is a wide spread perception that some COWs are tipped and we do not think it is an urban myth.

NO BULL: Here’s a link to the Town fee schedule.

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  1. Concerned

    I have heard a couple of these stories before and having a recent experience at the town ourselves, I sadly believe each one. I am not only concerned but disappointed that this has any possibility of happening in our town. I’m equally disturbed by the seeming lack of concern exhibited by some who live in this town who understand this may actually be occurring. It’s not funny, it’s not fair and in my opinion it’s very un-American.

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