A COW By Any Other Name

October 11, 2005

Some have asked why we used pseudonyms on this blog. (see “Is the Barn Empty”)

The use of pseudonyms is a time honored tradition in our country. The Federalist Papers by Hamilton, James Madison John Jay were published under the name of “Publius” in several New York newspapers. They played an important role in the debate about our constitution. See http://www.crf-usa.org/Foundation_docs/Foundation_lesson_fedpapers.

The reasons for anonymity, to prevent ad hominem responses, labeling, and other forms of reductionist argument, to encourage bullish and innovative thinking, and to protect those who do express bold or unconventional ideas are clear.

We encourage those who wish to remain anonymous to do so and those who are comfortable identifying themselves to do so. This is a democracy after all.

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