COW-nting The Days

September 22, 2005

The consulting firm of Management Partners, Inc. recommended that the Town publish a website page or community newsletter article on the basics of building in Woodside. Provide information on the steps in the Town’s process, typical (realistic) review timelines, information on the grading moratorium, and tips on hiring contractors to move the project through the system faster (i.e., use contractors who are familiar with Woodside’s requirements). We think that is a very good idea. We wonder how long it will take until the Town implements it.

NO BULL: Over 100 days and still no website or newsletter…

2 Comments on “COW-nting The Days

  1. longtimesufferer

    No website, no letter, no action. Status quo with the planning dept, where it is a war of attrition…Things may actually have gotten worse (if possible) since the Kaplan report

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