COW Sense

November 14, 2006

Cow sense is a natural ability for working with COWs (link to horse terms). We should all put our hooves together and applaud the Town Attorney for having COW sense and telling the Council a hard truth that the restrictions on charity bike rides are illegal. As we pointed out in our story on the bicycle controversy (link to COW article), these are public roads and the Council cannot allow some but not others to use them. It is important that our Town Attorney raise her voice and be herd when the Council or staff is leaving the Town open to law suits and liability. The Attorney needs to pony up and not wait to be asked but needs to be a watch dog and guard the range for us. And the Council needs to be sensitive to comply with the letter and spirit of the constitution and law and to treat everyone equally. No playing favorites.

We were amazed when we read in the Almanac that “Councilman Dave Tanner appeared unimpressed by the threat of lawsuits.” (link to Almanac article) Tell us it isn’t true Dave. Assure us that you are aware that it is our tax dollars that pay for unnecessary lawsuits. Rustling the herds hard earned money to defend unlawful decisions ain’t right. Law-abiding cowpokes respect the constitutions of the United States and California. Dave, tell us that you do too.

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