What Is COW?

September 8, 2005

Welcome to CitizensofWoodside.com the blog for “COW” or Citizens of Woodside, Inc., a good government organization.

Our Mission is:
to foster Communications among concerned citizens;
to promote citizen Oversight of town activities;
to Work together for the betterment of our community.

Citizens of Woodside is an organization made up of residents and business people who believe that in a democracy, the government should treat its citizens with fairness, impartiality, transparency and respect. Therefore, we have joined together to form a bully pulpit to monitor, report on and share views about the Town of Woodside.

That’s who we are, but here’s how YOU can make your voice “herd”:
1. Post your views on this Blog. We want to hear your views! So please, don’t be shy about leaving comments. Let us, and everyone out there, know what you think. You can even leave it anonymously, we won’t tell… The webmaster reserves the right to reject any submissions.
2. Become a member of COW.
3. Attend town meetings. COW will inform any citizens of upcoming meetings.
4. Write your Town Council person and let them know your perspective on issues.
5. Send us stories of your dealings with Town staff, or Council, Commission or Board members.

0 Comments on “What Is COW?

  1. lovshorses

    Terrific idea! It’s great to have a forum for Woodsiders to chat and hear what’s going on. Great job. Many thanks.

  2. Concerned

    Thank you for providing this forum where we can communicate openly with each other. I just became a member and plan to participate. I believe you are providing a tremendous service to this town and I for one appreciate it.

  3. TM

    I work and so usually find out what’s going on at Roberts or parties. This will be a great resource for us. thx

  4. DTR

    As a builder that has worked in Woodside, it is good to see citizens working to take back control of a very unpredictable Town staff. On a number of occasions I have received information about the standing of an application from Planning Department officials that later proved to be wrong and appeared in retrospect to be intentionally misleading. It is unfortunate for town residents that inconsistent and misleading behavior in Town Hall adds to the cost of doing business in Woodside compared to other communities in the area.

  5. Reasonableman

    I think COW is a great idea…my big question is one that concerns many of us. Woodside still sticks to the proposition that requiring septic is for the “rural environment”. I would say that I have lived in Portola Valley, and other areas, that manage to do this without resorting to such a ridiculously archaic method. The town then forces septic into bad locations by not allowing pumping (which most of the county allows) It would seem that our other codes, along with ASRB, could do a much better job of keeping us rural?? Lets be “reasonable”!

  6. Debbie Dodge

    Great site! Thank you so much for providing it. It’s a good place to exchange ideas and information.
    Thanks again!

  7. Finally enter the light

    Wow…its like feeling like you found a support group from abuse…there are soooooo many stories that you hear like this its nice to see them come to light…because they are true…but because of the punitive, mafia like atmosphere at planning we are “cowed” (sorry about the pun) into silence by godmothers Hope and Susan.
    Great job putting this together…hope the town is reading it.

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