Moo-ving Forward

October 25, 2006

The Town Council has put a major hoof forward towards simplifying the Woodside permitting process by voting to purchase the Trakit system from CRW Associates for $200,000. This is moo-sic to our ears, as the permit process has made it hard for COWs to build things as simple as a fence and this first step is a gallop forward!

Trakit is an online system which staff says will let us COWS track the progress of permit applications, as well as making it easier for town staff to keep track of ongoing projects, and allowing our police and fire departments to monitor code violations and site inspections. Our neighbors in Redwood City, Belmont and Burlingame ponied up and currently utilize Trakit themselves and seem to like it. Hopefully, Trakit will make it easy for us COWS to get information on current projects including permits, applications, fee payments, and more. Curious COWs can look up an online example at the City of Vallejo’s website.

We do have one beef in that while Town Manager Susan George maintains that the system is more cost-effective than the alternatives presented to the study committee, the $200,000 expenditure is a whole lota hay to Woodside and the Town might have been better served with a formal request for proposals (RFP) process which might have elicited lower prices from alternative software providers and perhaps would have also led to more input from the herd on what types of programs might best serve the public.

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