Belle Alert

October 5, 2006

cow bell

Hopefully just like the farmer and the rancher can be friends, we’re crossing our hooves that the equestrian and bicycle communities can see themselves as part of the same herd and work together for the enjoyment of all COWS. It was good to see Council members on bikes.

At its meeting on October 10th, the Town Council will review the Town’s regulations governing the permitting process for special events on the Town’s roads. The Council will undertake a comprehensive review of the existing regulations governing the use of Town roads for “Special Events,” and will provide initial direction to staff concerning needed and/or desired modifications. Memos from the Town Attorney and Town Manager will be available. As we have recom-moo-nded before the roads are and should be open, and the rules completely equal, for all types of events. We hope all of you that have concerns about this issue will mosey down to the meeting or write to council members and let them know of your views.

By the way, the Bicycle Committee has requested to change the Bicycle Committee’s regular meeting day from the second Wednesday to the third Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m. Of course we noticed that there is still a vacancy listed for the Bicycle Committee; if your passion is pedaling, then let your voice be herd.

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