WiFi in Woodside?

May 8, 2007

MOOve out of the way Luddites, Joint Venture Silicon Valley Network and the San Mateo County Telecommunications Authority are working on a plan to provide all residents of San Mateo and Santa Clara counties with seamless Web access whether using a BlackBerry, cell phone, or laptop for free. It is referred to as the SAMCAT project.

The initiative plans to bring broadband wireless to each and every barn and street corner, no matter how rural. All COWs will be able to surf the web and visit our website. You can learn more by visiting SAMCAT.

Currently the cities of Palo Alto and San Carlos have agreed to be the first test sites. This testing phase will last approximately 120 days. Hopefully the test will go well and in the near future all of San Mateo County will have access to wireless high speed internet including our fellow COWS on Old La Honda Road and other mountain streets. It’ll be COW-rrific!

We were happy and surprised to learn that the Town of Woodside is a member of SAMCAT. We are surprised staff did not mention this at the hearing on the issue of webcasting. You can see the transcript from this council meeting in our last webcasting post Who Just Mooed? Rewind the Tape Again Please. Since a number of residents complained that they do not have access to DSL. We hope the Town is actively participating and will let residents know on its website when this service is likely to come to Woodside.

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