Stand out from the Herd

August 25, 2006

With the recent interest in all things concerning cycling here in the town (see these links in the Mercury News and the Almanac), we wanted to point out that there’s currently an opening on the Bicycle Committee.

Those who want to do more than pedal around the pasture should jump on this chance to join the Committee and advise the Council on Bicycling issues.

For those members of the herd with other interests, like sprucing up their barn or making sure the town has good activities for COWs and calves, there are also openings on the Conservation and Environmental Health and Recreation Committees. They both have vital roles in advising the Council. The deadline to apply for these vacancies is September 15th. Here is the city
document detailing the committee openings.

We applaud all COWs who serve their fellow citizens honorably. To apply for these openings, use this application form:

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