January 4, 2019

We hope one of the Town COWncil resolutions for the new year is to address ethical concerns quickly and clearly. The COWncil is still reviewing policy based on its most current adoption of its Code of Ethics which was revised in 2018 after some very contentious and troubling accusations concerning ASRB members (see our previous stories here and

They have been reviewing circumstances where an ASRB member also serves on other Town Advisory Committees (as we have discussed before here) which may present a conflict. The Original Code of Ethics was adopted in 1994 and was reaffirmed and …

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September 6, 2018

We frequently hear from COWs that the building approval process is a “nightmare” “overly burdensome” and “unfair”. We have been writing about concerns about permitting issues and policy for years.

While a few things have improved, a sampling of comments from Woodside Citizens from the Town’s COWmmunity Survey show there is still a lot of improvement needed. There were some positive responses but the vast majority were negative. The most consistent issues are that there was no response from the Town to multiple emails or calls from residents; the process was unnecessarily arduous; Staff were more obstructionists than helpful; and …

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June 11, 2018

We have written several stories regarding safety issues with our kids getting to school. It’s critical the town do all it can to protect its citizen pedestrians as well as its equestrians. At the May 8, 2018 Town Council meeting the Town was notified that a petition was being circulated in support of reviewing Safe Routes to School and a request was made that the Council once again discuss this important topic. Council will discuss this Tuesday June 12th.

Woodside Elementary school did a Walking and Biking Audit which was completed in September 2013 which identified several of the potential …

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Money Tree

September 12, 2016

COWS all want Woodside to be wooded but the fines for wrongful tree removal are beyond belief. The most recent notable fine was for $212,500 which the Town received after Council denied the appeal of the fine for non-permitted tree removal on a lot. That’s a lot of moo-la!!

The question now is what is the appropriate use of these funds? At the July 12 Council meeting, Grant Huberty, Planning Commission Vice Chair, suggested using the funds for chipping, Defensible Space matching fund, or SODS (Sudden Oak death) programs. Also discussed were safety oriented issues like bridge projects, or putting …

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Are you satisfied with town process?

July 22, 2016

The Town has instituted a method to test customer satisfaction of the planning and building application process using Survey Monkey. We did a Survey Monkey survey on the topic some years ago and found that it can be a very useful tool. We have been outspoken in our suggestions the Town use this tool to assess how things are going with permitting for themselves. You can see the survey the town is using here .

This will be an on-going project. The Town, as we understand it, will invite each home owner of each project that requires a permit to …

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