February 4, 2016

Scientists have predicted that the Bay Area has a nearly three-in-four chance of experiencing a potentially deadly earthquake in the next 30 years. The estimates in “Third Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Forecast” issued in 2015 show a 72 percent chance that a magnitude-6.7 or larger quake which is almost the size of the 1989 Loma Prieta will strike the Bay Area before the year 2044. The odds of a much larger magnitude-7 quake are 50-50. Cows need to take the prediction seriously.

As we understand it this California Residential Mitigation Program is a joint-exercise-of-powers entity formed by its members, the …

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January 29, 2016

If you have never had to have plans reviewed by the Architectural and Site Review Board, you are lucky. For most COWs, it is not a pleasant, fair or productive experience. The anger reached such a boiling point that the COWncil has recognized the need for reform. The question is what form the reform will take.

Many public speakers told their horror stories to the COWncil at its September 8, 2015 meeting. In October, Staff provided a draft ordinance to amend Woodside Municipal Code provisions on Architectural and Site Review to streamline the process and procedures for the ASRB. …

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Whoa – stop bullying COWS

January 12, 2016

COWs feel bullied by the ASRB, the Open Space Committee, Staff and yes, the COWncil itself. Instead of “how can we help you have the best project possible,” it feels like the Town message is “we have the power and can force you to jump through hoops.)

We all know that equine therapy is successful in building confidence but were you aware that it is being used in the prevention and treatment of bullying. We knew it was used with victims of bullying but were unaware that it is also therapy for the perpetrator. It has even been …

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