July 1, 2015

Our nation’s birthday is a great opportunity to get out with the family and enjoy some food, friends, and fireworks!

Woodside Junior Rodeo
As always, we think a great way to spend the day is at the Woodside Mounted Patrol’s Junior Rodeo. The annual event is now in its 65th year and is held at the Mounted Patrol Grounds on Kings Mountain Road. More than a hundred young ropers and riders from all around the Golden State participate in the Rodeo, featuring women’s barrel racing, roping, and bull riding – as well as the annual Pig Scramble! Gates open at …

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Crowded Field

June 22, 2015

There is an old expression (or there should be) that too many bulls in the field means an awful lot of bull. Here in Woodside we have too many COWmissions and COWmittees and some tend to behave like bullies.

We are not a big city with complex projects which impinge on neighborhoods, yet we have 13 of these bodies a number of them imposing their individual ideas and taste on what residents can build, plant or do on their own property.

What does the Architectural and site Review Board (ASRB) bring to the table that the Planning Commission doesn’t or …

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June 16, 2015

Last July, the COWncil formed a Zoning SubCOWmittee, consisting of Council members Mason, Romines, and Tanner. Its charge includes issues related to basements, grading, accessory structures, and total floor area. Included in these discussions is the request of the Woodside Heights neighborhood to modify the rules in the SR Zoning District to allow for larger main residences while keeping total floor area allowed constant. Also, the Subcommittee has been looking at nonconforming lots and design review procedures. These are all important issues but it cow-ncerns us that they may have bitten off more cud than they can chew.

The subCOWmittee …

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May 31, 2015

We want to applaud and thank the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District (Midpen) and Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) for the wonderful new Ancient Oaks Trail extension at Mindego Gateway, Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve. This one-mile trail extension connects the Mindego Gateway parking lot and facilities to the very popular Russian Ridge trail system, creating a four-mile loop that includes spectacular vistas and shaded woodlands.

The Mindego Gateway, which opened last year, is located in La Honda on Alpine Road, and is about a mile west of Skyline Boulevard. The site features 20 parking spots, tiered viewing platforms, …

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