Wildflower Walks

March 22, 2017

It is officially Spring so it is a good time to get outside and enjoy our wonderful cowmunity. A hidden treasure is Edgewood Park.

You can enjoy a docent led Wildflower Walk through Edgewood County Park and it’s free! This winter’s rain likely will provide one of the best wildflower seasons in several years. Knowledgeable docents from Friends of Edgewood guide the wildflower walk. These walks are offered on every Saturday and Sunday through June 4th. It is a moderate three-mile walk which begins at 10:00 and lasts until approximately 1:00. People meet at the Bill and Jean Lane Education …

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March 7, 2017

In an excellent move, the Town Council adopted a Town-wide change to the maximum house size. An ordinance studied for more than a year allows up to a 10% increase in all but R1 zones. In R1 zones a 5% increase is allowed. However, there is no change to the total floor area allowed for a lot. Thus, depending on the size of your lot, having a bigger house may mean not having a guest house or other accessory structure.

The Town started looking at the issue when members of the Woodside Heights Homeowners Association requested a zoning amendment

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Ethics and COWnflict of interest

February 9, 2017

This Town has a strange view of good government ethics. At the request of former COWncil member Dave Burrows, the Town spent $12,000 on an investigation of ASRB member Nancy Reyering cow-ncerning an email she sent to two other ASRB members and the Planning Director regarding a residential project up for review by the ASRB. Nancy appears to have been questioning the propriety of COWncil member Peter Mason, who was the architect on the project, to be presenting a project which she felt did not really reflect the Town’s building design guidelines, General Plan or Municipal Code and that he …

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