Ethics and COWnflict of interest

February 9, 2017

This Town has a strange view of good government ethics. At the request of former COWncil member Dave Burrows, the Town spent $12,000 on an investigation of ASRB member Nancy Reyering cow-ncerning an email she sent to two other ASRB members and the Planning Director regarding a residential project up for review by the ASRB. Nancy appears to have been questioning the propriety of COWncil member Peter Mason, who was the architect on the project, to be presenting a project which she felt did not really reflect the Town’s building design guidelines, General Plan or Municipal Code and that he …

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January 30, 2017

Woodside’s Arts & Culture COWmittee has invited COWs to come meet Master Gardeners Kathleen and Lisa Putnam at the First Friday Event on February 3rd for a Dormant Fruit Tree Pruning Class!

They will teach pruning techniques to maximize tree health, fruit production and learn to identify sick, dead or damaged wood. The class will be held at Town Hall with light refreshments preceding the event at 6:45. Admission is free.

Lisa Putnam has a degree in Agricultural Economics from UC Davis and also studied nutrition science at Davis. She operates a small organic farm in Woodside and is a …

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January 27, 2017

Who ya gonna call, in a disaster and more importantly will anybody be able to answer? You need to be prepared to take care of yourself and your family for up to a week in a major disaster. Luckily our wonderful Fire District is hosting the CERPP (Citizen Emergency Response & Preparedness Program) has a great training class to help COWs help their families and neighbors when a disaster/emergency strikes. The program involves six evenings and a Saturday that will prepare you for a major disaster. This training will provide you with invaluable skills in a hands-on environment.

Training will …

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